About Us

Mission Statement

Always to be aware of our clients needs, to give answers to their questions in a prompt and timely manner and at all times provide a competent, comprehensive domain name management service.

To operate a simple fee structure with no hidden extras. To make it easy for the customer to transfer domains both into our control and away from us. Not to charge administration charges for the time taken.

Company History

BB Online started trading in Copenhagen in 1995 and moved to the United Kingdom in 1997. Shortly after we expanded our range of international domains, since then we have specialised in domain name registration, portfolio management and trademark protection.

We also provide secure web hosting and technical support to all types of businesses from individuals to global corporates.

Our Credentials

We have fought to get the best credentials in its field and to this aim became ICANN accredited in May 2000, are members of the Chinese, Indian, Swedish, Danish, French, UK, Italian naming authorities and many others. We were the first UK based operational ICANN accredited domain name registrar.

We were the first operational UK based ICANN registrar as well as the first NZ registrar outside Australasia.